The Leadership LAB works to reduce prejudice and change voters’ hearts and minds. We have a national reputation for our success developing practical, positive, non-partisan, non-judgmental ways to connect with voters. 

You can view some reportage on our ground-breaking deep canvassing in the New York Times.

We are currently focused on motivating more people to vote—particularly those people who vote for President but otherwise often don’t vote.  

If you would like to see first-hand what these one-on-one conversations are like, we encourage you to sign up to canvass with us. It is an extraordinarly rewarding experience, and you will come away with greater skill at talking with, understanding, and influencing a wide range of voters who are not just like you.

Dipaali Reddy and Rodrigo Perez

Watch as one of our team helps transform a voter’s point of view and motivates him to go out and vote.