We Need YOU on April 16th!

It takes a big team to defeat transphobia, so WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US for our NEXT L.A. CANVASS.


A few days ago, North Carolina effectively BANNED TRANS PEOPLE FROM USING PUBLIC RESTROOMS.

Last November voters in Houston elected by a huge margin to DENY SIMPLE NON-DISCRIMINATION PROTECTIONS TO LGBT PEOPLE. As a result, in Houston it REMAINS LEGAL TO FIRE SOMEONE FOR BEING GAY, DENY THEM AN APARTMENT FOR BEING A LESBIAN, OR KICK THEM OUT OF A RESTAURANT FOR BEING TRANS, just as those things all continue to be legal in 27 other states.

The majority of voters in Houston do not favor discrimination. But they voted that way anyway because our opposition sent one clear message: that if nondiscrimination protections take effect, women and children will no longer be safe in public bathrooms. Implicitly, because of transgender people.

When voters don’t understand what it means to be transgender, transphobia overwhelms good judgment.

Worse still, transphobia means that far too many trans people, especially trans people of color, start each day knowing that they could go jobless, or homeless, or face violence, simply because of who they are.


We know it is within our power to succeed. Here at the LAB, we’ve learned how to have open, human conversations with conflicted and unsupportive voters that uproot prejudice in a lasting way.

We’re still learning, and everything we learn will allow us to help campaigns across the country combat this threat.

But defeating prejudice takes a BIG TEAM. It takes lots of people working in concert, having many conversations with voters, and thinking together about how to make those conversations more effective. It takes determined people supporting each other to do challenging work and become better leaders.

We need you to join us for our NEXT CANVASS on APRIL 16th in Los Angeles! We need you to try your hand at making a connection with a conflicted voter and helping them think differently. Or if that sounds daunting, we need you to be a videographer and capture the footage of another volunteers’ conversations that will be vital to our learning. We need your help thinking and evaluating afterwards.

No experience necessary. We’ll do an extensive, hour-long training that will teach you everything you need to know. All you need to bring is yourself. And friends!

Find the details for the canvass on the 16th HERE.

To RSVP or find out more, contact Steve at sdeline@lalgbtcenter.org or 323-405-7563.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Steve Deline

About Author: Steve Deline

Steve started with the LAB as a volunteer canvasser in 2009. He helped create the LAB’s video documentation project, which has since captured over 2,000 conversations between canvassers and voters on film and become integral to the project’s ability to develop new approaches to persuasion. He joined the staff in 2011. In 2012 he worked full time on the Minnesotans United for All Families marriage campaign as the Co-Regional Field Director for conservative central Minnesota. He is deeply motivated by the LAB’s focus on empowering individuals to effect change and combat prejudice by engaging in open, emotional conversations with the people around them. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.