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Breaking news: as the findings from Broockman and Kalla’s measurement of the Leadership LAB’s work go public today in the journal Science, the story is breaking across numerous outlets. Check this page for a compilation of the coverage as we get a chance to post it!


The New York Times Magazine

This American Life

MSNBC – Morning Joe – (begins at 1:20 into clip)



The Atlantic

The Washington Post

LA Times

New York Times – Science Desk


Huffington Post – Dana Beyer

New York Magazine

NPR News

You Are Not So Smart Podcast

NPR – KPCC – Take Two


FiveThirtyEight – What’s The Point Podcast

The Advocate


Pacific Standard

PBS Newshour

Science Magazine

Huffington Post – Nick Visser

Think Progress

NPR – Science Friday

Scientific American

San Francisco Chronicle

Daily Kos

The Verge

Science Daily

Windy City Times



Washington Post – Monkey Cage

Medical Daily

El Editor

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Pacific Standard


Capital Public Radio

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Dave Fleischer

About Author: Dave Fleischer

Dave Fleischer has directed the Leadership LAB since 2010.  Before that, he created and ran the national training program of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund (1993-98) and then the organizing and training department of the organization now known as the National LGBTQ Task Force (1999-2006) before launching the national LGBT mentoring work that gave birth to the LAB.  Fleischer is also the author of The Prop 8 Report, a data-driven evaluation of why we lost Prop 8 (on-line at Prop 8 Report).  Fleischer has trained organizers, candidates, and campaign managers for more than thirty years.