HUGE Headlines!

Breaking news: as the findings from Broockman and Kalla’s measurement of the Leadership LAB’s work go public today in the journal Science, the story is breaking across numerous outlets. Check this page for a compilation of the coverage as we get a chance to post it!


The New York Times Magazine

This American Life

MSNBC – Morning Joe – (begins at 1:20 into clip)



The Atlantic

The Washington Post

LA Times

New York Times – Science Desk


Huffington Post – Dana Beyer

New York Magazine

NPR News

You Are Not So Smart Podcast

NPR – KPCC – Take Two


FiveThirtyEight – What’s The Point Podcast

The Advocate


Pacific Standard

PBS Newshour

Science Magazine

Huffington Post – Nick Visser

Think Progress

NPR – Science Friday

Scientific American

San Francisco Chronicle

Daily Kos

The Verge

Science Daily

Windy City Times



Washington Post – Monkey Cage

Medical Daily

El Editor

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Pacific Standard


Capital Public Radio

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Steve Deline

About Author: Steve Deline

Steve started with the LAB as a volunteer canvasser in 2009. He helped create the LAB’s video documentation project, which has since captured over 2,000 conversations between canvassers and voters on film and become integral to the project’s ability to develop new approaches to persuasion. He joined the staff in 2011. In 2012 he worked full time on the Minnesotans United for All Families marriage campaign as the Co-Regional Field Director for conservative central Minnesota. He is deeply motivated by the LAB’s focus on empowering individuals to effect change and combat prejudice by engaging in open, emotional conversations with the people around them. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.