June 9, 2016

Journal Science Reports LAB Breakthrough in Prejudice Reduction

The journal Science has published a landmark study about the Leadership LAB’s work. Political scientists David Broockman and Josh Kalla have found that our team’s persuasion model, developed over years of tireless experimentation at the doors by over 1,200 volunteers, and in 2015 applied for the first time to a new effort to reduce transphobia in partnership with SAVE, South …

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April 1, 2016

In-Depth Report on 2015 Trans Equality Work in Miami

Interested in reading more about the grassroots canvassing project to reduce transphobia, conducted in Miami in 2015 as joint effort of the Leadership LAB and SAVE, that was measured by David Broockman and Josh Kalla in their recently-published research? The attached document (2015 Miami Report) contains a comprehensive explanation of the effort, including an extensive collection scripts, training outlines, walk lists, …

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November 5, 2014

Election Day @ the LAB 2014

Election Day @ the LAB For E-day 2014 the LAB teamed up with the No on 67 Campaign in Colorado to change hearts and minds, get out the vote, and help defeat the insidious Amendment 67. After months of canvassing and having heartfelt, personal, persuasion conversations about abortion rights with voters all over LA county, our team has been chomping …

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October 23, 2014

TED Talk: The LAB’s Approach to Persuasion!

Earlier this year the Leadership LAB’s erstwhile project director, Jackson Darling, gave a TEDx Talk about our persuasion model. Turns out, if we want someone we disagree with to change their mind, the forgotten art of listening, and relentless curiosity, are key. Check out Jackson’s talk to find out more!

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October 21, 2014

Big Time Action at UCLA

Big Time Action at UCLA! This past Saturday, October 18th, over 60 volunteers turned out at UCLA to fight for women’s rights. In a matter of days, voters in Colorado will face the deceptive and dangerous Amendment 67 on their ballots. If passed, the measure would ban abortion in the state under any and all circumstances, including rape, incest, and …

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September 30, 2014

A Dispatch from 2008

Six autumns ago, instead of reveling in a stunning line of victories in the courts as we are now, our community was reeling from defeat. Our loss in the Prop 8 campaign dealt a devastating blow to same-sex couples’ hopes and dreams of a brighter, safer future. We were hurt, angry, and upset. That moment in time, and the tremendous …

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April 18, 2014

An Evolution on Marriage

In January 2009, in the immediate aftermath of Prop 8, Leadership LAB staff and volunteers set out to develop a new way to talk to voters.  Faced with our community’s 32nd straight electoral loss on same-sex marriage, we were determined to find a way to not only win voters’ support but dismantle the prejudice that so often underpins their opposition. …

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