Intern Class of 2014

Every year numerous UCLA and Occidental College students, as well as up and coming leaders from other high schools and colleges across LA County, intern with the Leadership LAB. But this is no ordinary internship – participants walk away with the concrete skills and hands-on experience they need to organize for social justice, find work as organizers, and help reduce prejudice in communities far beyond Los Angeles.

If you want to hone your talents on a project that is discovering new ways to win elections, and learn how to develop and support a big team in the process, the Leadership LAB internship might be for you! Contact Ash and [email protected] to find out more.

Dave Fleischer

About Author: Dave Fleischer

Dave Fleischer has directed the Leadership LAB since 2010.  Before that, he created and ran the national training program of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund (1993-98) and then the organizing and training department of the organization now known as the National LGBTQ Task Force (1999-2006) before launching the national LGBT mentoring work that gave birth to the LAB.  Fleischer is also the author of The Prop 8 Report, a data-driven evaluation of why we lost Prop 8 (on-line at Prop 8 Report).  Fleischer has trained organizers, candidates, and campaign managers for more than thirty years.